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The Battle of Britain

‘Fascinating … Parker covers many subjects in this book: the sense of loss, the stiffening of resolve, lucky escapes, battle against overwhelming odds, the “live for today” mentality and the pride in a job well done … full of understated commentary, this book salutes the survivors and those who made the supreme sacrifice. It also highlights the ordinary men and women who chose to stand up and be counted. This is one of the proudest parts of Britain's heritage.’ Kirkus UK

Battle of Britain In the summer of 1940, Britain's army had been driven ignominiously from France, her allies had collapsed and the population was seized with invasion panic. It seemed only a matter of time before Britain was forced to surrender. In this terrible moment, up stepped Winston Churchill and the fighter squadrons of the RAF and a ruthless battle to the death ensued in the skies of southern England. The story of how Britain survived the rest of that year to inflict on Hitler his first defeat is about tactics, aircraft and leadership, but above all it is a story of heroism and endurance told from both sides. This book offers an oral history of the "finest hour" of British history. It aims to present a definitive account of the battle, which does not shy away from the darker sides of the fighting. Interviews with survivors of the battle on both sides and contemporary research into the battle, including newly released SS plans for occupation of Britain, memoirs, journals and photographs are also included.

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