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The Battle of Sandy Point, St Kitts, 1666. The division of the island between French and English, originally to counter Carib and Spanish threats, caused continual conflict and devastating war on the island.

A Prospect of Bridgetown by Samuel Copen, 1695. The port was a hub of the new Western Empire, a prosperous and thriving mart.

Charles II receives a Barbados pineapple, supposedly the first to reach England, from the royal gardener in a painting from about 1675. The pineapple was adored by English West Indians and became a symbol of welcome, affixed to doors and door posts.

James Drax

Cane holeing in Antigua, amongst the most back-breaking of the labours on a plantation, carried out by a ‘Great Gang’, which included women as well as men.


<<Harvested canes being milled










A sugar ‘factory’ in Antigua, showing the different stages of boiling. This was highly skilled and dangerous work: ‘If a Boyler get any part into the scalding sugar,’ said a contemporary, ‘it sticks like Glew, or Birdlime, and ’tis hard to save either Limb or Life.’



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