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farmers of Barbados James Drax

Sir Henry Morgan, buccaneer and later Deputy Governor of Jamaica. A man of little scruple, great energy, and formidable self-destructive appetites.

St. Nicholas AbbeyCannon at Fort Charles, Port Royal

<< Peter Beckford the Younger; by the 1730s he had shrugged off murder charges and owned eleven Jamaican plantations in his own right, and had substantial shares in at least the same number again, as well as more than two thousand slaves.

James Drax

Port Royal in 1692, the ‘Wickedest Town in the West’. The shaded area shows all that remained above water after the devastating earthquake.

James Drax

A graphic image of the earthquake of June 1992, whose original key included:  ‘K. The Earth opening and Swallowing Multitudes of People. O. Thieves robbing and Breaking open Dwelling Houses and Warehouses. P. Dr Trapham hanging by his Hands on the Rack of a Chimney and one of his children hanging around his neck, seeing his Wife and other Children Sinking. S. Dead Bodies of 400 floating about the Harbour. T. The Sea Washing the Dead Carcasses out of their Graves. V. People swallowed up by the Earth. W. The Dog’s eating of Men’s Heads. Z. Mr Beckford digging out of the Ground.’



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