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A drawing of Codrington College in Barbados from the 1720s. A is the college, B, Consetts Great House, C, the windmill, D, the boiling house, E, the Curing House and F, Consetts Bay.

A drawing by William Blake of a typical West Indian planter, with slave girl in attendance. Many planters led lives of luxury, indulgence and intoxication.

<< Codrington College today, now part of the University of the West Indies. Founded by Christopher the Younger, the college’s mission to educate and convert Barbados’ black slaves was bitterly resisted by the island’s planter elite.

Consetts Great House at Codrington College, probably built sometime in the early 1660s>>

<< The notorious pirate Bartholomew Roberts, who in the early 1720s almost brought trade to a standstill in the West Indies. To protect the slave and sugar businesses, he was hunted down and killed by the Royal Navy.



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