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‘Fonthill Splendens’, ‘Alderman’ Beckford’s lavish Palladian mansion at Fonthill in Wiltshire. Beckford was never accepted by the local gentry, who disliked his Jamaican accent and ‘tawdry’ ostentation.

The ruins of Fonthill Abbey, the epic folly that consumed the Beckford fortune within a generation

William Beckford of Fonthill. As soon as he inherited a vast fortune from his father ‘Alderman’ Beckford, his life descended into decadence and disgrace. >>

James Drax

‘Alderman’ William Beckford: Member of Parliament for the City, twice Lord Mayor and close confidant of Pitt the Elder, he represented the pinnacle of power and influence for the Beckford family and the sugar lobby.

James Drax
James Drax James Drax James Drax

The King’s House, Spanish Town today. Following fire and neglect, only the facade survives.

A surviving Georgian building in Falmouth, Jamaica

<< The Rodney memorial in Spanish Town. The Admiral’s victory over the French at the Battle of the Saintes saved Jamaica from invasion.


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